Our Business

Project Development Business

As a developer, we have two basic project development models.

1. Build-Transfer : develop and build the solar power projects, which will be sold and delivered after being connected on grid.

2. Project Rights Sale : involve in earlier development stages to secure land/roof with interconnection capacity and sell project rights at “notice to proceed”, or NTP.

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Independent Power Producer (or "IPP") Business

We started our IPP business by owning and operating solar power projects and selling electricity generated by these solar power projects.

We have tried to build our business as an IPP to develop and operate DG projects in well-developed regions, and focus on projects with credit worthy Commercial and Industrial (C&I) off-takers or favourable FiT/PPA.

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Other Business

Leveraging our global presence and solid knowledge of the local energy policies, we also provide other professional services such as EPC business includes engineering design, procurement of solar modules, and construction contracting and management etc.

Additionally, entering into development service agreement to offer third party with project development related services that specializes in the development, construction, operation, financing and maintenance of solar plants is another business that we are good at.

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United States: Small Utility and Community Solar Projects

ReneSola is focused on the development of solar projects. As of June 30, 2019, the Company successfully completed 745 MW of solar power projects, and is operating approximately 241 MW solar power projects globally.

Our Project Development business targets a number of countries and regions where the solar power project markets are growing rapidly now, and should sustain that growth due to improved clarity around government policies. We have built local professional teams in more than 10 countries around the world, and our business spreads across the U.S., Canada, China, Poland, Hungary, Spain, France and other emerging markets in Southeast Asia.

Pipeline information for Project Development Business

As of September 30, 2019, our development pipeline is strong at approximately 1.1 GW, of which 399 MW are late- stage and have a planned commercial operation date (“COD”) in 2019 or 2021. Due to the geographic diversification of our assets, we consider our project profile to be attractive.

The following table highlights our late-stage project pipeline by location:

Pipeline information for IPP Business

While our primary focus is the sale of solar projects, which creates an efficient recycling of capital, we also operate an IPP business by retaining some projects primarily in well-developed areas, where we sell the electricity to credit worthy Commercial and Industrial (C&I) off-takers at favorable FiT/PPA.

As we evolve and transform into an asset-light solar project developer, we are on track to monetize our China DG assets, enabling us to strengthen our balance sheet, reduce leverage, and improve cash flow. We plan to use the cash to develop more high-margin solar projects.

Other Business

We continue to pursue opportunities around the world. In addition to project development and IPP business, following are other services we can offer.

1. Provide advisory services: help third party to have a better knowledge of the local energy policies.E.g. Provide professional analysis of electricity market.

2. Provide Project development services: help third party to develop new energy projects in designated areas and provide construction management as well as financing services.

3. Other services: E.g. Accept the commission of acquiring new energy assets on behalf of energy fund; Offer services including energy asset management, financial work, O&M.