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Other Business

Release Time: 2021-08-10

Leveraging our global presence and solid knowledge of the local energy policies, we also provide other professional services such as EPC business includes engineering design, procurement of solar modules, and construction contracting and management etc.

Additionally, entering into development service agreement to offer third party with project development related services that specializes in the development, construction, operation, financing and maintenance of solar plants is another business that we are good at.

Other Business

We continue to pursue opportunities around the world. In addition to project development and IPP business, following are other services we can offer.

1. Provide advisory services: help third party to have a better knowledge of the local energy policies.E.g. Provide professional analysis of electricity market.

2. Provide Project development services: help third party to develop new energy projects in designated areas and provide construction management as well as financing services.

3. Other services: E.g. Accept the commission of acquiring new energy assets on behalf of energy fund; Offer services including energy asset management, financial work, O&M.