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Environmental, Social and Governance

The UN SDGs describe a much anticipated bright future that can only be realized by joint efforts of all mankind. As a world leading green energy enterprise, ReneSola Power leverages its global presence and solid experience in the industry, to exert its commercial influence and actively implement the SDGs.


                                                                                                            Our Actions



We collaborate with local governments and other platforms to provide employment opportunities and electricity at lower cost to poorer regions, utilizing our own strength and value in eliminating absolute poverty and facilitating rural revitalization.




In an effort to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, we devoted ourselves to fighting the virus by implementing initiatives to 

ensure the health and well-being of our employees and business partners, and to support government efforts to get the crisis 

under control.



We provide employees with an inclusive, safe, and positive work environment, and support them to obtain a fair income, a 

better workplace, good benefits, and a promising career path. Moreover, we offer employees and suppliers fairer development opportunities, and help disadvantaged groups gain more employment opportunities.



Photovoltaic projects and energy storage provide a cleaner, more reliable and more resilient source of energy. They serve as 

alternative energy sources to fossil fuels for a positive environmental impact during our business operatin, enabling a more 

environmentally friendly and low-carbon business model, promoting sustainable and responsible consumption, and advocating the importance of biodiversity.



Through development of community solar projects and solar-plus-storage projects, ReneSola Power offers innovative solutions for communities and various industries, helps these market sectors reduce costs and increase efficiency, and effectively 

achieves low-carbon transformation.

Environmental Metrics

Green Operation

Based on its competitive advantages, ReneSola Power has established a green and low-carbon business model and developed sustainable consumption to achieve green economic development and build a green community.


Environmental Risk Management

To reduce the environmental impact and fulfil our corporate social responsibility, ReneSola Power has made waste management an important environmental protection priority. We have clarified our management methods for waste water, waste gas and solid waste in the "Environmental protection management system".


Social Responsibility

Working Environment

ReneSola Power is committed to providing a favorable environment for talent development. The Company not only provides employees with happy work while ensuring their health, rights, wages and welfare, but also creates an equal, inclusive, and diverse working environment with a broader range of opportunities, in order to ensure that all SOL people can work efficiently and happily, and to help them achieve a more fulfilling life.


Corporate Social Responsibility

ReneSola Power actively practises social responsibility in areas of targeted poverty alleviation, environmental protection, public health benefits by participating in public welfare projects.


Corporate Governance

Board of Directors

ReneSola Power's business is conducted under the supervision of our Board of Directors. The Board of Directors makes recommendations and conducts unbiased evaluation and supervision of management activities. It keeps its independence at all times. The Board comprises of seven members, three of whom are independent from the company. The company's Board of Directors continues to pay close attention to ESG and participates in the supervision of ESG practice, carefully reviewing the results of the Group's important ESG issues, and providing references for corporate governance and risk management.


Internal Control and Compliance Management

In compliance with laws and regulations, ReneSola Power builds a culture of integrity and anti-corruption, realizes process and data driven compliance management, and establishes a forward-looking, flexible, and efficient compliance system. All employees, risk management teams, and independent audit and legal compliance teams constitute as the "defensive lines" of the compliance system.